A graduate of Harvard Business School, Berton Hochfeld leverages his more than two decades of executive experience in finance to lead industry research and investment efforts in the enterprise IT space sector. Berton Hochfeld currently applies his in-depth knowledge of enterprise IT space to manage The Heppelwhite Fund, LP, a hedge fund focused on IT developments, including enterprise services, software, and hardware. A long-term financial services professional with ties to a wealth of prominent technology firms, Mr. Hochfeld has earned a reputation for providing accurate sell-side analysis and forecasting in this area. He begins by utilizing information obtained from a combination of formal and informal contacts, trusted brokers, and consultants to evaluate potential activity and industry trends in the IT space market. The Heppelwhite Fund then determines both long and short core investments that fall within acceptable risk limitations, applying risk management parameters such as stop losses.

Berton Hochfeld joined the financial services industry in 1969 after earning a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of Business and a Master of Business Administration from Harvard University. After a decade as a senior financial analyst, Mr. Hochfeld served as a product marketing executive and consultant for major IT companies, including IBM Corporation, Memorex, Raytheon Data Systems, and Telex Computer Products. He established Hochfeld Independent Research Group in 2001, at which time he also took over management of The Heppelwhite Fund. When he is away from his office, Mr. Hochfeld enjoys collecting, especially American and English 18th and 19th century furniture and ceramics, and he is also an avid cook and wine collector. Interested in supporting the endeavors of career-oriented young people, Mr. Hochfeld is currently sponsoring two immigrants from Ecuador in their academic and vocational pursuits.